Building Team Culture using Technology with Rusten Hurd

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Power Up Your Practice with Ruby Powers, Episode 21

In this episode of Power Up Your Practice, Ruby Powers sits down with Rusten Hurd, co-founder of ColomboHurd Law, to explore the secrets behind growing a successful law firm. Rusten shares his journey of team expansion from 30 to over 300 members, emphasizing the importance of building a remote team, effective hiring practices, and fostering a strong team culture. Learn about the use of technology to track performance and the creative ways to recognize and reward team members. Tune in to Power Up Your Practice to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of law practice management.

Tune in to the episode to hear about:

*Building a Remote Team: Strategies and insights on scaling a law firm with remote team members.

*Effective Hiring Practices: Importance of finding the right fit and setting clear expectations.

*Cultivating Team Culture: Techniques for fostering a cohesive and motivated team.

*Utilizing Technology: Tools and processes to track performance and manage workflow.

*Recognizing and Rewarding Excellence: Methods for celebrating team achievements and maintaining high morale.

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