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January 2024

Small Business Consulting and Focused Retreats

When a new business is born, most entrepreneurs (lawyers or otherwise) often struggle in a few key areas:

• Finding a vision
• Narrowing focus
• Being efficient
• Handling business finances, included billing and taxes
• How to hire employees
• Effective time management

And lastly, having NO idea where to even start.

That’s where I can help.

After I grew my law firm into a successful business, I realized that my experiences might be helpful to other, less experienced small business owners.

So I decided to found Powers Strategy Group, a consulting firm dedicated to helping business owners succeed.

As your consultant, I’ll teach you how to take a bird’s eye view of your business. When you have a holistic view, it’s much easier to zero-in on problem areas. Sometimes all it takes is a few small changes to go from a clunky, stressful business, to a smooth running, well-oiled machine.


  • Virtual, small live course with 10+ hours of instruction 
  • Two 30-min one-on-one consulting sessions held before and after retreat with course facilitator and author via Zoom or phone
  • Opportunity for free signed book or 20% discount
  • 9am-4pm CST with 1 hour lunch break
  • Pre-work and assignments to maximize a 2-day retreat

Course Fee: $1,250

  • Quarterly and Focused Retreats – Featuring a small setting that allows a deep dive analysis of their business financials and efficiency rates and zero in on areas that could benefit from improvement. To book a retreat choose an appointment below. 
  • Mastermind Small Business Group – In this private Facebook group, we discuss how to take your business to the next level with weekly content that helps you become strong business leaders in your fields. To receive more information schedule an appointment below. 
  • One on One Consulting – Get direct mentoring and advice tailored to your unique situation. Invest as little as a few hours a month, or invest in a long-term solution that allows you to get one-on-one coaching as needed . This flexible consulting program allows you to find your perfect fit for your business with Powers Strategy Group. 


Let's Chat! Simply schedule an appointment in the calendar below and find out if Power Up: Solo/Small Law Firm Retreat is right for you by jumping on a quick, no-obligation call with me!