Embracing Change in Law Firms with Stephanie Everett

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Power Up Your Practice with Ruby Powers, Episode 17

Join Ruby Powers on Power Up Your Practice as she chats with Stephanie Everett from Lawyerist, an experienced lawyer, author, and expert in law firm management. Discover how to embrace change, build resilient cultures, and master the business skills essential for law practice success. Gain valuable insights on managing remote teams, the impact of new technologies, and the value of continuous learning in the legal profession. Tune in to Power Up Your Practice to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of law practice management.
Tune in to the episode to hear about:

  • Embracing Change: Insights on how law firms can navigate and manage change, especially when adopting new technologies.
  • Building Resilient Cultures: Strategies for creating a strong and sustainable work environment within law firms.
  • Law Firm Management: Practical advice on effectively managing remote and hybrid teams.
  • Importance of Business Skills: Highlighting the need for business acumen in law practice management and the resources available to help.
  • Continuous Learning: Encouraging ongoing education and adaptation in the ever-evolving landscape of law practice management.

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