Entrepreneurial Thinking: Blending Legal and Business Mindsets with Beau Atkins

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Power Up Your Practice with Ruby Powers, Episode 23

In this episode of Power Up Your Practice, Ruby Powers interviews Beau Atkins, CEO of Evolve Family Law. Beau shares his incredible journey as a serial entrepreneur and offers valuable insights on blending the risk-averse nature of law with the boldness of entrepreneurship. Discover how Beau successfully implemented flat fee billing, enhancing transparency and client satisfaction. Tune in to learn about the importance of a growth mindset and staying curious in the ever-evolving landscape of law practice management. 

Tune in to the episode to hear about:

*Entrepreneurial Journey: Beau Atkins shares his diverse entrepreneurial background, detailing his ventures in various industries and his transition into the legal field.

*Balancing Lawyer and Entrepreneur Roles: The discussion highlights the challenges and strategies of balancing the risk-averse mindset of a lawyer with the opportunity-focused mindset of an entrepreneur.

*Flat Fee Billing: Beau explains his approach to implementing flat fee billing in a traditionally hourly-billed legal environment, emphasizing transparency and clear communication with clients.

*Continuous Learning and Growth Mindset: Both speakers discuss the importance of maintaining curiosity and continuous learning, particularly through reading and engaging with different communities.

*Adapting to Change and Flexibility: Beau and Ruby talk about the flexibility and adaptations necessary for modern legal practice, including remote consultations and the use of technology to optimize operations.

Learn more about Beau Atkins:

* Connect with Beau on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/beau-atkins-105a273b

* Beau Atkins website: https://www.evolvelaw.ca/


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