Mastering Entrepreneurship Mindset with Donald Fonseca

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Power Up Your Practice With Ruby Powers, Episode 1

In this episode of Power Up Your Practice, Ruby Powers speaks with Donald Fonseca, a serial entrepreneur driven by a quest for financial independence since his early ventures in lawn mowing and virtual currency sales for online games. His diverse business portfolio spans e-commerce to proxy services, showcasing a preference for ventures that can operate autonomously.

Tune in to the episode to hear about:

  • Entrepreneurial Drive: Donald started his business journey for financial independence, beginning with lawn mowing and virtual currency sales for online games.
  • Learning and Evolution: He values continual learning from various sources and leans towards businesses that can operate autonomously, spanning e-commerce to proxy services.
  • Mindset Shifts: Triggered by books like “The Four Hour Work Week” and “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,” Donald expanded his beliefs about revenue potential and the influence of thoughts on reality.
  • Balancing Work and Mental Space: Donald emphasizes breaks and mental space, advocating for periodic zooming out to gain perspective, foster creativity, and maintain positive energy.

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