The Power of Delegation with Raquel Gomes from Stafi

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Power Up Your Practice with Ruby Powers, Ep 6

In this episode of Power Up Your Practice, Ruby Powers speaks with Raquel Gomes, the CEO and Founder of Stafi, a Miami-based virtual assistant staffing agency. Raquel, a licensed psychologist with an MBA, shares insights into overcoming delegation challenges and prioritizing mental health in the workplace.

Tune in to the episode to hear about:

  • Background and Motivation: Raquel Gomes, Stafi’s CEO, challenges the idea that women must choose between career and family.
  • Entrepreneurial Journey: Raquel shares her journey from studying psychology to embracing entrepreneurship and balancing business and family.
  • Common Challenges and Solutions to Delegating: Raquel provides solutions for optimal delegation, emphasizing the need to define specific skills for each role and avoiding the trap of expecting excellence in all areas.
  • Implementing Mindset Coaching: Raquel highlights Stafi’s commitment to mental health, employing in-house mindset coaches (psychologists) to support representatives and yield positive outcomes for clients and staff.

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